ID Manchester

Manchester is a city where ideas that change the world are born. Atomic theory launched a scientific revolution. The campaign for women’s suffrage made Britain a democracy. And the first programmable computer transformed the way we live.

A new £1.7bn innovation district by The University of Manchester and Bruntwood SciTech will see Manchester make its mark on the world once again. ID Manchester is founded on the belief that ideas flourish where business, education and communities come together. A place for entrepreneurs, students, professionals and families alike, where ideas grow into the discoveries, technologies and businesses that define the future.

At ID Manchester, offices, laboratories and creative studios will stand shoulder to shoulder with a world-class university. Homes, shops and public spaces will provide everything a community needs to thrive, while restaurants, bars and arts venues draw the city in – all set within an abundantly green and vibrant new 4m sq ft neighbourhood.

ID Manchester will be the world’s next great innovation district, a launchpad for ideas that take on humanity’s greatest challenges, at the heart of one of the most exciting global cities.

Illustrative image of new ID Manchester square

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